Exchange 2011

The German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Program in 2011 took place from July 22 to August 2, 2011, in Southern and Northern Cyprus, mainly in Nicosia and Lapitos/Lapta.

Outcomes and Media Coverage

Beside others, this exchange focused on immigrants and asylum seekers in (Southern) Cyprus. Within this scope we visited KISA and discussed the current situation. As result, we composed a common declaration to support the work of KISA.

Furthermore, this German-Cypriot Exchange Programme was covered by several newspaper articles, which are translated to English and can be downloaded:

Activities and Workshops

  • Politcal background and current developments
    • workshop: recent developments - Cyprus conflict
    • workshop: historical and political conflict background (religions of Cyprus, comparison Cyprus/Germany, German reunification)
    • discussion with Dr. Hubert Faustmann
    • workshop: modern trends of extreme right-wing movements in CY & commonalities with Germany by Stefanos
    • meeting with Tony Angastiniotis and discussion about civil society and Cyprus conflict
  • Sightseeing and excursions
    • city tour old town Nicosia
    • visit of Ledera Palace and Bufferzone
    • trip/visit Rizokarpaso/Dipkarpaz: informations about enclaved community
    • visit Varosha/Marash (of course from outside...) and meeting with Serdar Atai (Famagusta Initiative)
    • city tour habour Kyrenia/Girne
  • Immigrants and asylum seekers in (Southern) Cyprus
    • visit of KISA and conversation with Doros Polykarpou (director of KISA)
    • workshop/meeting: asylum seekers & immigrants - status, immigration & integration issues in Cyprus
    • workshop: Migration in Southern Cyprus by Ann-Kathrin
    • workshop: composing common declaration
  • Missing People
    • presentation about the Committee for Missing People and mass grave excavations by Chrysanthi
    • discussion on cultures of remembrance
    • workshop with Sevgül Uludag and a family member of missing person - reflection & feelings
  • Political Environment in Northern Cyprus
    • visit New Cyprus Party (YKP)
    • meeting with former president of Northern Cyprus Mehmet A. Talat and discussion about Cyprus conflict and negociations
    • visit of Ktös and discussion about role of trade unions (teachers trade union in Northern Cyprus)
  • Media in Cyprus
    • meeting with representatives from CCMC
    • visit Sener Levent (Africa Newspaper) and discussion about presslandscape in Northern Cyprus
    • visit of newspaper Cyprus Mail
    • visit of newspaper Politis
  • More
    • workshop: LGBT civil and legal rights in Cyprus by Andreas Paraschos (Accept Now!)
    • workshop: energy resources by Alex
    • workshop: the right of access information Cyprus
    • workshop/meeting: Modern History Books (AHDR)
    • workshop: demography in Northern Cyprus by Faiz Muharrem
    • workshop: some aspects of the Cypriot environment by Jule
    • workshop: impact of social unequality on health by Aysel