Exchange 2008

The second joint seminar of the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Program took place from August 4 to 14, 2008, in Germany, mainly in Berlin, Braunschweig and Hanover.

Outcomes and Media Coverage

During the workshops of the German-Cypriot exchange programme, we prepared a common declaration, which we provide here for download:

Furthermore, our meeting was covered by a bi-lingual Cypriot newspaper:

Activities and Workshops

  • Political background and recent developments
    • workshop: Cyprus conflict in mixed groups
    • workshop: From Nazi regime to Adenauer by Kawsu
    • workshop: Recent political events in Cyprus
  • Sightseeing and excursions
    • Historical and political sight seeing tour in Berlin, inlcuding ruins of the Berlin wall and the Holocaust monument
    • Visiting the German Parliament Reichstag including guided tour, meeting with Gerd Andres, SPD, and visit of the cupola
    • Guided tour through different districts in Berlin
    • Hiking in the forest in Braunschweig-Langeleben and visiting the fossil caves
    • Visiting the Herrenhäuser Gärten of Hanover
    • Guided sightseeing tour in Hanover
    • Guided tour in the Hanover city hall and the 'curved elevator'
    • Visiting Hanover Brewery
  • Social aspects and living conditions in Germany from the perspective of youth and young adults
    • workshop: Situation of immigrants in Germany by Ruben
    • Meeting with Ibrahim Karabardak and Agni Hassabi from German-Cypriot-Forum
    • Dinner with Cypriot students living in Berlin
    • Meeting with students at the Leipniz University of Hanover and lunch with them at the Mensa
  • German Nazi Regime, concentration camps and war graves
    • workshop: Insights to Nazi Germany
    • workshop: Resistance during the Nazi Regime in Germany by Charly
    • workshop: Preparation to Bergen-Belsen
    • Guided visit of the former concentration camp Bergen-Belsen and joint reflection
    • Talk: German war graves by Prof. Wernstedt from war grave commission
    • Talk: International work of the war grave commission with young people and schools by Jörg Schgalin from war grave commission
  • Joint workshops International summer school 'Education and Action for Peace!'
    • International summer school 'Education and Action for Peace!' with around 80 participants from 15 countries
    • Participation at Peace Education Workshops
    • Giving a workshop about the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Programme and the Cyprus conflict
  • More
    • Meeting with Steffen Wiechmann and Uwe Ostendorff from the Falcoons Berlin at Youth Ship 'Freibeuter'
    • Meeting with Julia Bläsius from Friedrich Ebert Foundation
    • Meeting with Dr. Moennig, CDU and deputy major of Hanover; speech and joint discussion
    • Experiencing high rope course
    • Visting the Maschseefestival in Hanover
    • Joint Reflecction of the Exchange and planning the next exchange in Cyprus 2009