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If you are or were part of the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Program, we would be happy to receive your thoughts and comments on the program. Please contact us by email info@german-cypriot-exchange.org.

Simon Happersberger


What makes the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Programme a great thing, is the opportunity to make the exchange really to your own. You can include your ideas in the program and you have the opportunity to see and learn what you want - thanks to the connections and commitment of the coordinators. Do you want to take part in a radio show? Do you want to meet a former president? Have you lost your passport in a zone which belongs officially to no country in the world? Well, you don't want the last one, just believe me. I fortunately found it again, but even before I didn't feel lost - thanks to our great group and once again thanks to Jule, thanks to Coskun.
All in all I recommend the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Programme with an easy conscience to all people who have a minimum of political and cultural interest and to all others, because at least you can find some new friends.

Aysel M├╝ezzinler


I have been part of this dynamic group since 2010. As a Turkish Cypriot, I previously attended several bicommunal youth activities in Cyprus. However, what made this project special for me is its tri-communal nature and its continuity since 2007. Learning about historical, political and also personal experiences of divided Germany really broadened my point of view about the division in my country. Discussing similarities and differences between these 2 conflicts helped me to develop different perspectives. In addition to the lively historical and political workshops, I had the chance to visit different cities in Germany and experience the culture. I made good friendships in this programme and I am really happy to be a part of this group.

Alexander Roeske


I am studying History and Politics. In this context I met Coskun at a University lecture and started to participate in the programme in 2010. He was my teacher and by him my interest in this topic was drawn. Before that, I didn't really realized that there is a country with an unclear status and a divided capital in the European Union. During the exchange I met interesting people who are disappointed about the situation in their country and who want to change many things in it, especially the division. Since then I have been following with great interest the recent events. In my opinion activities like the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Programme who are working with the people, have the best possibilities to change something.

Ann-Kathrin Roeske


Hi my name is Ann-Kathrin. I'm studying Sociology and joined the German-Cypriot Youth Exchange Programme in March 2011. I've never thought about the Cypriot matter until my brother had told me about it. My interest about this mediteranian island began to grow and after the first group weekend in Hannover I knew I want to be part of this programme. I was impressed by the diversity of this matter and curious to get to know as much information as possible about the division background. Some facts sounded irrationally to me, especially if you consider the size of the island. For example the fact that everything exists twice (power supply systems, goverments). Facts like that strenghten my intention to keep being interested in this topic. I learned a lot about how the Cypriots themselves manage the division. The visit of the island was a never forgetting experience for me.